How To Bet On Soccer and 5 Profitable betting strategies

How To Bet On Soccer and 5 Profitable betting strategies

The South African punter has been spoilt for choice when it comes to football betting and the response from the betting community has been immense.

Football fans from all walks of life have been gripped by football betting.

They can literally put their money where their mouth is and back their favourite teams.

You now get the satisfaction of your team winning and you also getting a few bucks in your pocket.

How to bet on soccer in South Africa: 3 Examples from Us

Soccer betting used to be fairly straightforward a few years ago but now with literally a thousand bets available on every match, there should be careful research done before placing your bet.

Bookies have excellent offers available on soccer bets and these are three of the best sites for soccer betting.

How to bet on soccer in HollywoodBets

In South Africa the leading bookie for soccer bets is undoubtedly Hollywoodbets with their market leading features like Build-A-Bet and awesome promotions on all major tournaments.

Follow these easy steps to bet on soccer at Hollywoodbets.

Log onto HollywoodBets site. Enter your username and Password on the top left of the page. Once these are entered click on the yellow Log In Button.On the Homepage click on the soccer option on the left side of the home pageChoose the league or country you want to bet onMake your selectionsYour betslip appears on the right side of the pageOnce you make your selections click on theSubmit Bet Button.

How to bet on soccer in Betway

If you are looking for a bookie that has a great reputation and offers great odds on soccer bets then look no further than soccer in Betway South Africa.

They also offer you an odds boost on your soccer accumulators, the more selections on your ticket the higher the odds booster you receive.

Follow these easy steps to bet on soccer at Betway.

unnamed-1-3-4557476 Log onto the bookie’s site (or you can download Betway app) Click of the soccer option which is on the banner of the home pageSelect the league that you want to bet on.Make your selectionsYour betslip appears on the right side of the pageOnce your selections are made click on the Bet Now button

How to bet on soccer in Supabets

There are football matches taking place around the clock and at Supabets they have one of the most extensive soccer betting markets in the country.

They have all the major leagues covered plus they cover the amateur leagues from around the world as well.

Follow these easy steps to bet on soccer at Supabets.

unnamed-2-2-8969730 Log in to the website or in Supabet datafree appClick on the soccer tab on the home pageChoose the desired league you want to bet onMake your selectionsMonitor your selection with the betslip on the rightOnce you made your selection click on the Submit Bet button

On the current betting market in South Africa there is intense competition between bookies for new customers.

Punters can use this to their advantage when looking for the best soccer betting site as they have many options to choose from.

Choosing the right bookie will enhance your betting experience with great sign up bonus bet in south Africa.

Here are some tips on choosing the site and soccer betting app:

The reputation of the site is very importantThe Welcome bonus they offer to new playersThe odds and markets available on soccer bettingLive betting and Cash Out feature on soccer bettingPromotions being offered on soccer betting

Soccer betting has taken the world by storm and South African bookies have not missed a beat as they have soccer markets from every corner of the globe.

Most popular leagues

The English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga have thousands of markets to bet on every week. These are just a handful of the leagues being covered as there leagues from far a field as India and China that are extensively covered.

Major soccer tournaments

The World Cup, AFCON, the Euros and of course the Champions League have loads of bets to keep any punter totally satisfied.

Local Coverage of Soccer

We have mentioned all the international leagues and tournaments but local punters are not forgotten as there is wide coverage of all local leagues and tournaments.

Premier Soccer League( PSL)

The ever popular Premier Soccer League( PSL) has extensive market coverage. The odds are very competitive on these matches and the markets are available well in advance of the matches which allows punters to compare and research odds of the different bookies.The National First Division is also extensively covered by all bookies. All of the local Cup competitions like the Nedbank Cup, Telkom Knockout and the MTN8 are extremely popular for punters with all the major bookies offering wide coverage of these events.image5-6-1024x576-5635879

Soccer is one of the most-watched sports with over fifty thousand football teams worldwide: Allowing punters to bet on a variety of options and be successful. However, bettors reveal how difficult it is for them to profit from this sport. 

The problem is the lack of the right soccer betting strategy. Nothing works without using the right system. Making use of the right money-making soccer betting system will surely increase your earnings. 

Here in this review, we’ll expose you to secrets on how to bet on soccer and win.

Read on and enjoy!

5 Best Soccer Betting Systems That Work


Using the right soccer bet strategy is one sure way to give you a winning streak. Here are five of the best profitable soccer betting systems that will help your betting career:

Half-time/full-time Bets

A half-time/full-time bet is a special type of wagering in soccer. In this online strategy, you lay bets on half-time results as well as full-time results.

Professional soccer matches last forty-five minutes for half-time play with a second-half; Making it a ninety minutes sports game. You wager on what you think about both halves of a soccer event. 



In a football match, you wager on an Away-Team team lead at half-time and a Home-Team win at ninety minutes.

A counter stake for the Home-Team lead and Away-Team win at ninety minutes is safe. But, if in any of these, the match ends in a first-half draw, you lose.

However, the option to wager on a draw for either of these matches leads to a positive outcome.


Higher probability of winning.It is suitable if you are very sure of your decision.Unusually high odds.


It is not the best option for certain matches.


Over/under was initially a stake on whether a soccer event will end over or under a particular number of goals. But now, most online sports betting bookies have introduced a variety of over/under bets; Examples are more or less yellow cards, red cards, offside, corners, and so on. 



If you look at the recent games of FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, you can see that both teams usually score many goals.

At almost every game of their last ten games, these two teams had at least three goals. So, staking your money on an option like this is a sure win.

In a scenario like this, let’s assume FC Barcelona played Sevilla, and you wager on an over 2.5 goals; If the match ended in a 2-1, which is a clear three goals full time, you win. 


It’s a low-risk bet.Higher probability of winning.


Relatively low profitsDue to precision, the odds are not that high.

Favorites vs. Underdogs

In Favorites vs. Underdogs type of gambling, there is an increased chance of winning. Soccer is a game of team ability mixed with uncertainty.

So, the chances of winning a bet on either the favorite or underdog come with great possibilities. 


Most times, big soccer teams end up losing to the underdog. Employing this strategy is an interesting way to boost your betting career.


takes on the favorites are relatively low compared to an underdog because the big team has a higher chance of winning.

So, if a bookie arranges a 1.21: 5.00 odds on Fc Barcelona vs. Villareal and your stake on the underdog of the match (Villareal).

If, luckily, Villareal wins the game with a goal lead, you win. But, if Barcelona secures a win, you lose.


Stakes on favorites come with low risk.There is a higher probability of the big team winning.Relatively higher odds for the underdog


Betting on the favorites has slightly low odds compared to the underdog.Staking on the underdog is a lot riskier.

Correct Score

If you’re feeling like a soccer betting sorcerer, try getting involved with correct score bets. These are extremely challenging to hit but come with a huge payout.

In this bet, all you have to do is select what the exact final score will be. This bet isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot.


You’ll not only need to get the exact final score but also what team is going to score.

If an English Premier League game between Chelsea and Manchester United, your stakes are on a correct score of 2:0 against Man Utd. If the match ends in a two-nil win to Chelsea, you win.


Due to precision, correct score payouts are very highIt is very suitable if you’re certain of your decision.


It is not the best option for uncertain games.Low chances of winning.



Scorecast is another typical example of a two way bet. In this case, you wager your prediction of the matches’ goal scorer plus the final results.

Your only concern when playing the wincast bet is which player scores and the final game winner; you don’t need to worry about the time of the game such player scores. If you are a fan of live betting, you can also use this option as an in-play bet. 

Bettors tend to use scorecast and wincast interchangeably depending on the teams that are playing.

Wincast only requires that you wager on the goal scoring player and the winning team, while scorecast demands an accurate prediction of the match scoreline.

Since both options are double bets, you only win the wager when both predictions are right.


In a soccer match between PSG and Bayern Munich, Using the wincast bet, then you may decide to wager that Robert Lewandowski scores and the away team wins.

At the end of the soccer game, so far Lewandowski scores a goal and the away team wins, you win. It doesn’t matter what minute he scores or what the final scoreline is so far your prediction is true.

For scorecast, in the same soccer game, you place a bet that Lewandowski scores and the away team wins with three goals to two.

The difference is that you are trying to predict the correct score in addition to the goal scorer. Once both outcomes occur, you win.


Huge payouts are certain.The odds are relatively high.


It comes with very high risk.

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3 Soccer Betting Strategies That Don’t Work

The only reason punters lose their money to online sports gambling is their lack of a reliable system.

Employing wrong strategies will always extort your bankroll.

Here are three strategies that don’t work for soccer, and you should avoid them:

Blind Betting

Blind betting is wagering on teams you don’t know about. Before betting on an unknown team, try researching the team’s past matches and achievements.

Blind betting is like taking action without thinking. Why do that? It is advisable to rather bet on teams you know than those you don’t. 

Don’t waste your money!! Even if you feel the urge to blind bet, just remind yourselves of other lucrative soccer betting strategies.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci method is another popular way bettors think they can win by doubling their losses with Fibonacci numbers.

These strategies only work mathematically. Avoid it by all means. It only makes losing easier.

Multibet/Accumulating Be

This strategy is popularly known among beginner bettors, tricking them into thinking they can make more money. This system enables punters to bet multiple games at once.

Making them think they can accumulate so many games with such high risk and still get huge payouts.

Although betting is a game of luck, multi-betting takes it to the extreme. Don’t put your money on the line. Avoid Multi betting.


What is the best soccer betting system?

There is no best soccer betting system. But with great mastery in a strategy, your winnings will surely increase.

How to bet on soccer and always win?

Betting is a game of probability, so a 100% win is not always guaranteed. With proper risk management and a good strategy, you are.

What is the safest soccer betting strategy?

Over/under betting is one safe way to wager with low risk because you don’t need to predict the match.

Where to bet on soccer?

You can bet on soccer using an online bookie. Make sure it’s a legal and licensed platform to keep your information and money safe.

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Final Thoughts

Soccer betting is the most-watched and played sport worldwide, with over two hundred and fifty million viewers.

This popularity has made soccer betting one of the most played sports in the history of online sports. It has numerous opportunities on how you can be making money.

With the right system, risk management, and practice, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself winning consistently.

Author: Austin Gonzales