How To Bet On Basketball in South Africa and 5 Best Betting strategies

How To Bet On Basketball in South Africa and 5 Best Betting strategies

Basketball has a huge following in South Africa although it is not one of the sports that is typically associated with in our country.

The reason for the popularity is of course the NBA and the betting sites have reacted accordingly by having widespread markets for basketball betting.

The NBA leads the way but there are other leagues like Euroleague and the WNBA. Most of the overseas basketball leagues have betting markets available on the local betting sites.

How to bet on basketball in South Africa: 3 Examples from Us

Basketball betting has grown in popularity in South Africa mainly due to the overseas games now being watched by the locals via the various online streaming services.

The other reason is that basketball now has hundreds of betting options on every match. The live betting is super exciting as you can bet on which team will score the next basket or the next three pointer.

How to bet on basketball in HollywoodBets

When you are looking for a bookie to place your basketball bets then HollywoodBets should be your first stop. They have great coverage of basketball and also have live betting markets available and best of all you can follow your team on their live match tracker feature. To place your basketball bets at HollywoodBets simply follow these easy steps.

unnamed-8-3-5907448 Log onto HollywoodBets siteClick on the basketball option on the left side of the home pageChoose the league or tournament you want to bet onMake your selectionsYour betslip appears on the right side of the pageOnce you make your selections click on the Submit Bet Button

How to bet on basketball in Betway is a great site for basketball betting as they have the Cash Out feature on most matches. They have live betting on all basketball matches and you can follow the action with the live match tracker. Placing a basketball bet at Betway is super easy by following these steps.

unnamed-9-2-1024x546-4752613 Log onto the bookmaker’s site, or in Betway mobile versionClick of the basketball option which is on the banner of the home pageSelect the league or competition that you want to bet on.Make your selectionsYour betslip appears on the right side of the pageOnce your selections are made click on the Bet Now button

How to bet on basketball in Supabets

Basketball betting has good coverage in terms of matches covered but they do not have the most extensive markets for these matches.

They do however have very good odds and are an excellent option if you are looking to place a bet on a particular team with the traditional two way betting.

To place a basketball bet at Supabets simply follow these steps.

unnamed-10-1-1024x443-4326539 First – log in Supabets siteThen click on the basketball option on the left side of the home pageChoose the league or tournament you want to bet onMake your selectionsMonitor your selection with the betslip on the rightOnce you made your selection click on the Confirm Bet button

How to choose the best betting site for basketball betting?

Basketball betting has become big business for punters due to the sheer number of matches taking place everyday.

There is potential to win handsome sums of cash if thorough research is carried out before placing your bets.

Basketball can be quite unpredictable which allows punters more opportunity to bet on the underdog. To find the bookie that can offer you the best odds is not easy. Just like the betting sites with bonuses in basketball.

We have identified a few useful hints when you are choosing a bookie.

The reputation of the site is very importantThe Welcome bonus they offer to new playersThe odds and markets available on basketball bettingLive betting on basketball bettingPromotions being offered on basketball betting.

Basketball may be second only to football with the number of national leagues that are played around the world.

The undoubted flagship league in the world is the American National Basketball Association( NBA).

The greatest names in the sport ply their trade in this league therefore they attract betting and fan interest from around the globe.

Bookie sites now offer bets on all the various possible match events often running into hundreds of betting options within a single match.

Most popular leagues

The NBA is not the only league that gets attention from punters as there are other leagues from Europe like the Euroleague where teams from across Europe compete for the title as best team in Europe.The Women’s version of the NBA( WNBA) is another league that attracts a lot of attention from punters.

Major basketball tournaments

When it comes to other basketball tournaments the Olympics is probably the pinnacle for national teams and there is extensive coverage of every match during the Games. There are other national tournaments like the European Championships that are also indepthly covered.

Local Coverage of basketball

Basketball in South Africa has a tough time competing with the other more traditional sports like football and rugby but they have managed to have their own local league called the Basketball National League( BNL). The league features ten teams and has limited betting markets available on match days.

Best Basketball Betting Systems

Betting apps and sites just seem to be on the rise! Well, it’s no surprise since bookmakers make tons of money off sports bettors every day.

However, this is largely because a lot of people place bets without any plan whatsoever. Betting systems exist to help make sure you don’t lose all your money to the bookies.

In this article, we’ll discuss tested and trusted basketball strategies that’ll help you make better decisions when placing your next bet.

5 Best Basketball Betting Systems That Work

The importance of having a strategy or strategies you can bank on cannot be overemphasized. Developing a strategy that works all on your own can however be quite tasking.

Luckily, some strategies have been proven to work overtime. This is not to say you have to follow these strategies to the letter.

Rather, you can lay your own experience watching basketball as well as your analysis of the game alongside these systems to generate a winning strategy.

The following five strategies have been developed by professional sports bettors, they are the best and safest systems you can use to place successful wagers. 

The High Totals Strategy


This is one of the simplest basketball betting systems. Its simplicity doesn’t make it any less effective though.

This strategy was developed by Allen Moody, a professional at sports betting. Allen Moody is a long-time sports bettor who wrote two books on sports betting, “Becoming a Winning Gambler” and “Sports Betting Basics”.

The high totals strategy involves staking on the total number of points to be scored in the basketball game. Allen Moody found out that a lot of basketball games began to end with total points of more than 220. He then began to place his bets on over 220 total points.

This strategy was able to win him about 65% of his total bets. The major advantage of this strategy is its ease and simplicity. Bookmakers are however wising up to the strategy and may offer lower odds.

Example: Since 2018, the average number of points per game has risen to over 220. This total number of points keeps increasing every year.

Staking on over 220 points in 2021 is one of the safest bets you can make. Higher points can even be expected when famous stars play in a game.


It is one of the easiest systems to employIt is a relatively safe strategy


Sometimes, teams play below expectations and you’d lose your money.

The Blowout System


The idea behind this strategy is that teams that beat their opponents flatly in a game do not usually do well in their next game.

This could be a result of several factors including overconfidence and fatigue. The strategy is to then bet against the victorious team in their next game.

Research has been carried out by sports analysts and it has shown that only 42% of teams coming off a great victory win their preceding games.

You can easily cash out big by betting against teams that have just had a resounding victory in their last game.

Example: The Kings trashed the Spurs on the 30th of March with an over 15 points difference. In their next matchup on the 1st of April however, the king’s suffered a 14 point defeat. 


This system when analyzed carefully can result in massive cashouts in the long run.


Winning boosts the morale of some teams, giving them unstoppable momentum. This strategy fails in such situations.

The Bounce Back

The bounce-back basketball betting system, just as its name implies, means a team that suffers a loss will usually try their best to perform excellently in their next game.

This strategy runs side by side with the blowout strategy. As it has been proven that teams that win by a large margin in their last game usually go on to lose in their next game, it is logical to assume that teams that lose badly in one game tend to perform excellently in their next game.

This assumption is indeed right as it’s been found that these teams that lose a game badly often end up performing above expectation in their next game.

In a survey of over 200 games, it was found that losing teams bounced back 62% of the time. 

Example: On the 30th of March 2021, the Thunders suffered a 21 point defeat to the Mavericks. In their next game on the first of April against the Raptors, they came away with a 10 point lead. 


It’s relatively easy to master


Some teams suffer consecutive defeats without bouncing back.

The 3 in 4 Games System

The 3 in 4 strategies is built based on observations made on teams that play back-to-back games 3 times in 4 nights.

It has been observed that teams who play games back to back on their fourth game usually score a high number of points. This has been explained by some sports analysts as a result of fatigue on both teams. Since it is more tasking to defend than to attack, two teams who have been playing games back to back usually abandon defense and go for an all-out attack, leading to an increase in the overall number of points scored.

As a smart bettor, you can capitalize on this by taking note of matchups where both teams have been playing back-to-back games and make your stake over a high number of points. 

Example: A study of the Toronto Raptors game points in the first and second half of 2020/2021 NBA season shows them scoring the highest number of points in their third game out of the first four games. 


With a little bit of analysis, this system can be mastered. 


This system of betting can result in a damaging loss. 

The Back to Back System


It has been found out that teams that play back-to-back games usually have to work really hard in their second games. This can be capitalized upon by betting against such teams in their second back-to-back game. 

Example: In a survey carried out a while back by numberFire, it was reported that teams on a winning streak lost their second back to back game up to 5 % more than normal games while teams with a losing streak lost even more frequently when they played their second back to back game. 


You can fund this betting strategy with a bankroll of any size


This system has little room for variation and improvement. 

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3 Basketball Betting Strategies That Do Not Work


Martingale System

Even though a lot of people bet using the martingale system, it is one you should avoid. This system involves doubling your wager on the next game when you lose a bet.

You continue doubling your wager progressively until you finally win. This strategy is one of the quickest ways for you to lose all your money. 

All-in Betting

This involves betting the entirety of your bankroll on a single game. Although you win big when your prediction is true, the risk is too great.

This betting system is the fastest way to lose all your money in the blink of an eye. 

Emotional Betting

This involves betting on a game based on your emotions rather than analysis. This is usually done by fans of a basketball team.

Although you know your team is most likely to lose, you still go ahead to bet on them because of your emotional attachment. 

7 NBA Betting Tips

1. Create a Bankroll

Betting can become addictive and you may not even realize how much you have lost until you lose all your money.

One of the ways to prevent this is by making use of one of the strategies listed above. Another way is to make sure you have some money set aside for betting.

Make sure you only take out of this stash for betting. This will help you keep track of how much money you have made or lost.

2. Apply a Staking Plan

This is a plan that you use to decide how much money you will place on each wager as well as the frequency of your betting. This plan helps you foresee the amount of time your bankroll will last.

3. Check the Team’s Schedule

Keeping tabs on a team’s schedule can help you decide if you’ll be betting for them or against them. Basketball teams play a lot of games, and since their players are humans, they get tired.

A team playing a fourth or fifth game in a row is most likely to perform worse than if the players were fresh.

4. Watch for Moving Lines

A lot of people bet with no prior knowledge and just follow trends. Professional bettors however analyze each game before making decisions.

A line moving in one direction while the multitude is convinced in the other direction is one to watch. 

5. Backing a Losing Favorite

It might be smart to back a favorite that is losing a game in the first half. They often bounce back and perform excellently in the following halves, often due to a rallying talk from the coach or cheers from the fans.

6. Low Scoring Leagues

You can bet on low-scoring leagues to score under a certain number of points based on their track record.

7. Be Disciplined When Placing Bets

You have to remember that it is possible to become addicted to betting even when you keep losing money. Always remember to gamble responsibly.


What is the best basketball betting system?

There is no overall best NBA betting strategy. It all depends on which method works for you and how thorough you are in your analysis. Any of the basketball betting systems listed above can help you cash out big bucks in basketball betting.

How to bet on basketball and always win

In betting, there is no sure-fire way to win basketball bets. The key is to employ a good strategy that helps you make sure you win more than you lose. It is almost impossible to win every bet you place.

What is the safest basketball betting strategy?

The safest NBA betting strategy is probably the high points betting strategy. Despite being so easy to apply, this strategy is one of the safest to use. Although the odds while using this strategy may not be as high as others, your margin of loss is quite favorable.

Where to bet on basketball?

There are several betting sites available to bet on basketball. Some of the most popular are BetUS, MyBookie, and BetOnline Sports.

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Final Thoughts

These betting systems are here to give a framework to your betting sessions. Betting without a strategy will lead to losses most of the time.

By following these strategies, you’d get better at betting and can even develop your very own systems while at it.

One good way to apply these NBA betting systems is to try out each system and pick the best strategy that works for you.

Author: Austin Gonzales