How To Bet On Baseball in South Africa: Bookies and Strategies

How To Bet On Baseball in South Africa: Bookies and Strategies

Baseball has always had that family feel-good effect so it is no surprise that there are legions of fans around the world with South Africa no exception.

The interest in this country over baseball has seen the betting sites jump on the bandwagon by offering excellent odds and betting markets.

They have betting markets for baseball leagues like the ever popular MLB and even leagues from Japan that are covered.

Top baseball betting sites in South Africa

Baseball betting has grown significantly as there are baseball matches from America, Mexico and even Korea covered by the different betting sites.

There are a multitude of betting options in each match so punters can never complain that they are not well taken care of when it comes to baseball betting.

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After thorough research these are the seven best bookie sites in South Africa for baseball betting.

Baseball Betting at World Sports Betting

bet on baseball in WSB

On the WSB website will have baseball punters smiling ear to ear as they have extensive markets on all the MLB matches.

Each match has bets like which team will hit the first home run or will there be a home run hit in the first innings by either team.

To login – click on the “Login” button and go to the baseball betting section. There are no special offers like WSB promo codes and bonuses for this sport – you can take part in regular customer promotions to increase your profits.

Baseball Betting at Playabets

bet on baseball in Playabets have baseball matches well covered and offer an in-depth range of betting options for individual matches.

They are one of the only local bookies that also has betting markets for the American Minor League baseball matches.

Bookie has the odds booster on all baseball multi bets. We did not find any information about the special Playabet free bet for this category of sport in the bonus archive or from technical support.

Baseball Betting at Sunbet

bet on baseball in Sunbet

Sunbet sports betting has focused their baseball betting mainly on the American markets and has over a hundred betting options for punters on any of the MLB matches, It is also interesting to note that they offer betting markets on the NCAA.

This is the college baseball league in America although there are limited betting odds on these matches. Live betting is available on MLB matches with a live match tracker feature there for punters to keep up to date with the match.

Also, Sunbet’s apps are high among the best sports betting apps in South Africa. Another advantage – is Sunbet first deposit bonus of up to R1000 and many good bonuses on the site.

Baseball Betting at Gbet

bet on baseball in gbets

Gbets South Africa does not disappoint with their baseball betting markets as they offer punters matches from America and Japan.

All the baseball multibets have the odds booster feature attached to them. Live betting is available on selected matches from the MLB.

And the Gbets registration bonus will be an added motivation to place a baseball bet with this particular bookmaker.

Baseball Betting at

bet on baseball in Betcoza

There are great odds on baseball betting at and all the MLB matches have the live betting option available to punters.

This bookie site also has extensive stats on each team so punters can be well equipped with all the latest results before making their bets. There are also odds boosters on all baseball multi bets and free bets for newcomers.

Baseball Betting at Topbet

bet on baseball in topbet

www topbet com has the MLB, the America college baseball league and the Japanese league covered but strangely they only offer the outright winner betting options.

Individual matches have no betting markets so if you are looking to predict the overall winner then Topbet has great odds on these types of bets. Use the Topbet bonus to increase your profits!

Baseball Betting at YesPlay

bet on baseball in Yesplay

Yesplay bets has betting markets on all the MLB matches but the matches have only three way betting options.

The markets are very limited but the odds are competitive. They also have betting markets on the Japanese baseball league and Yesplay no deposit bonus to increase profits.

How to bet on baseball in South Africa: 3 Examples from Us

Baseball betting traditionally was a three way bet but that has changed drastically and all the local bookies are also offering punters almost a hundred different match events to bet on.

The handicap betting is very popular especially when a highly favored team is playing against a rank underdog.

How to bet on baseball in HollywoodBets

Baseball betting has built a solid base of punters in South Africa and one of the bookies that have attracted a lot of these punters has been HollywoodBets.

They offer a great odds booster on all baseball multi bets while they have excellent coverage of baseball leagues like the MLB.

To place a baseball bet at HollywoodBets simply follow these steps.

Log onto HollywoodBets site. Enter your username and Password on the top left of the page. Once these are entered click on the yellow Log In Button.On the homepage click on the baseball option on the left side of the home pageChoose the baseball league you want to bet onMake your selectionsYour betslip appears on the right side of the pageOnce you make your selections click on theSubmit Bet Button.

How to bet on baseball in Betway

Betway certainly does not disappoint when it comes to baseball betting as they offer great odds and they also have the Cash Out feature on most baseball matches.

Betway offers live betting on selected baseball matches.

Betting on baseball is easy at Betway by following these simple steps. 

unnamed-12-1-1024x622-6908311 Log onto the Betway siteClick of the baseball option which is on the banner of the home pageSelect the league that you want to bet on.Make your selectionsYour betslip appears on the right side of the pageOnce your selections are made click on the Bet Now button

How to bet on baseball in Supabets leads the way on the local betting scene when it comes to baseball betting.

They cover all the popular leagues well, such as the MLB and Japanese leagues, but it is their betting markets for the more obscure leagues, such as the Korean and Chinese Taipei leagues, that set them apart from all other South African bookmakers.

Placing a baseball bet at Supabets is super simple if you follow these steps:

Let’s log in Supabets siteThen click on the baseball tab on the home pageChoose the desired league you want to bet onMake your selectionsMonitor your selection with the betslip on the rightOnce you made your selection click on the Submit Bet button

How to choose the best betting site for baseball betting?

As mentioned earlier the sheer amount of betting options for baseball punters has made the online bookies try innovative tactics to attract the punters.

These include offering odds boosters on multi bets and of course there are live betting options offered by certain bookies.

Choose among the betting sites with a registration bonus ​- the most suitable and get your sign-up bonus for first bet on basketball.

We have listed a few helpful tips to consider when choosing a bookie for baseball betting.

The reputation of the site is very importantThe Welcome bonus they offer to new playersThe odds and markets available on baseball bettingLive betting and Cash Out feature on baseball bettingPromotions being offered on baseball betting

Baseball betting is very exciting for punters especially with the live betting options.

A match can change very quickly in baseball if a team has a good innings therefore punters love betting on live baseball betting. 

The MLB of America has been the most popular league for baseball  punters around the world but there are also other baseball leagues from Mexico, Japan and Korea that are growing and attracting punters to their betting markets.

Major baseball tournaments

One of the most famous and popular baseball tournaments is the World Series. The annual Championship is where the winners of the American League and National League, the two popular professional baseball leagues of North America compete for the title.

One of the other major tournaments is the Caribbean Series where the Latin American countries compete in an annual competition.

Local Coverage of baseball

Baseball has struggled to gain popularity amongst  the local youth but there is one national tournament that takes place annually and it is called the South African Baseball Championship.

Provincial teams from across the country participate for the national title.

Optimal MLB Baseball Strategies and Systems to Beat Your Bookie

Did you know that baseball is one of the toughest sports to turn a long-term profit on?

What makes MLB baseball so tough to beat is the ever-increasing statistical information available to both bookmakers and professional betting syndicates which has led to sharper lines.

Fortunately, baseball bettors can utilize a number of baseball betting systems and strategies which can lead to more consistent profit.

Fenway Park home of the Boston Red Sox

5 Best Baseball Betting Systems and Strategies that work

Fade the public and keep clear of the big moneyline favorites


Simply put, big favorites in baseball do not yield a long-term profit due to the fact that they get hammered at the betting windows by novice bettors which keeps the line artificially inflated, which is especially true when a big name pitcher is on the mound.


An example of this would be LA Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw, who is a big time name in a big time market and when he is on the mound the money flows heavily in on the Dodgers forcing the bookies to move the line more and more in their favor and erasing any potential value they would have had.


The obvious con of fading big-time favorites is that they win the game at a high clip which will, in turn, increase your overall variance as a baseball bettor, with the main pro being that you are not falling into the trap of the ‘’obvious plays’’ or ‘’sure things’’ that have been statistically proven to be bad bets.

Always keep an eye on the weather when betting totals



Especially when betting totals we have to keep an eye on the weather because the baseball will carry differently in different weather situations which can lead a lot of fly balls to become home runs.

When the weather is hotter the ball will carry further (2.5 ft for every 10 degree increase to be exact), so when the weather gets warm in the dog days of summer it can be a profitable MLB baseball betting strategy to look to the overs.

Another thing that needs to be accounted for is the wind, with winds blowing out we can expect the ball to carry even further compared to when there is either no wind or if it is blowing in towards home plate.


One of the best examples of this comes from the 2021 Toronto Blue Jays season, as they were unable to play in their home stadium, the Rogers Center, until July.

They instead had to play in Dunedin Florida where it was much hotter than most other places in April and that made Blue Jays home games hit the over at a higher rate than would normally be expected for them in the first month of the season.

Betting underdogs in the first couple months of the season


At the start of the MLB season you will find that the bookmaker’s lines will not be as sharp as they are towards the end of the season, as there are still big question marks about all of the teams coming into the season.

Those unanswered questions mean that there are often opportunities to play the underdogs at much bigger prices than you can get at the end of the season.

This is especially true about big market teams coming off of a great season, as they will be vastly overvalued in the markets with no guarantee they will be able to replicate their success.


A prime example of this in 2021 is the Minnesota Twins who made the playoffs in 2020, but were unable to hold that level of performance finishing towards the bottom of the AL Central.

The Twins were vastly overvalued early on, as the bookies were trying to figure out just how good this team was going to be, and those poor odds would have led to great value on the teams they were playing against early in the season.


This strategy can lead to consistent profits and get your MLB betting season off on the right foot, but it is always important to remember that you will increase your variance by betting on underdogs.

That can make it tough to stick with this betting strategy, but it is a solid and statistically based way to make money early on in the season.

Backing the underdogs during divisional play


This can be a very advantageous strategy, as we know that games within the division are more tightly contested affairs compared to those outside the division.

This is because all these teams within a particular division know each other very well and are often fierce rivals with each other.

This can open up a betting opportunity on the underdogs in these games, as they are priced like any normal game when they are anything but normal to the players or the fans.


A good example of this would be the American League East which is almost always a tightly contested division and this year is no different.

There are 4 teams with winning records in the division, with these teams having great successes outside of divisional play with none of them being able to really pull away from the pack due to the tough games they face within the division.


This can be a tough system to follow, as you have to throw some statistical analysis out of the window, as the game completely changes when we are dealing with games inside the division.

That can make it tough to make it through losing streaks that are sure to come with underdog betting, but at the end of the day it is one of the best ways to bet on baseball and come out with a profit.

Handicapping the umpires when looking at totals betting



Each individual umpire will have a different strike zone which we can study and handicap to determine whether or not he gives more strikes or balls.

Batting averages change drastically based on what the count is, so this is an efficient way of handicapping totals by first understanding the tendencies of that night’s umpire.


One great example is Angel Hernandez, who very much likes to call batters out on strikes and therefore has an expanded strike zone.

In games where he is the umpire the under hit more often than not and so this can be a powerful tool which can help us make more money when betting on MLB baseball.

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3 Baseball Betting Strategies that do not work


The Series Betting System

The series betting system says that we should be picking a team that we like and betting on them in the first game and then go on to continue doubling our bet when we lose the first game.

This is simply a martingale system that will yield no long-term profit because the times that your team gets swept you simply lose too much.

Handicapping Ballpark Factors

Unlike the weather which is a constantly changing variable, the ballpark factors are not going to change on a day-to-day basis and therefore they are well accounted for in the oddsmakers’ lines.

The bookies know that the ball is going to fly in Coors Field due to the heightened elevation, so it is always being accounted for as a constant and so we cannot find any additional edges by handicapping these factors.

Betting heavy favorites and going for the ‘’sure thing’’

MLB baseball is in a unique position to many other sports, as anything can happen on any day and that makes it one of the worst sports to bet on the ‘’sure thing’’.

Yes, heavy favorites will often come out victorious, but not enough to make out for the poor odds you get when they win.

This seems like an obvious point, but many people still fall into this trap thinking things like ‘’Max Scherzer is just too good to lose’’ when that is simply not the case.

3 Quick Tips for more Consistent Profit on MLB Baseball

Bankroll management is key to turning a long-term profit in any betting endeavour, but that is especially true about MLB baseball, as it is a sport you need to stick with over the long-term, as you go through winning and losing stretches. In order to come out ahead we need to be smart with our bankroll and bet sizes and that is why it makes it to number one on our list.

Avoid parlay bets when looking at turning a long-term profit on MLB baseball, as it has been statistically shown to be a poor betting option not only in baseball but in all sports. Focus on making calculated total, runline, and moneyline bets and avoid the temptation of the big score.

Follow the news closely before first pitch, as many things can change from the starting pitcher to the batting lineup. Being on top of any breaking news allows you to get bets placed quickly based on what is happening and that can help build an additional edge into your bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best baseball betting system?

Many baseball betting systems are flawed, as they are already accounted for in the bookmakers odds. The key to making money on baseball betting is incorporating a multitude of strategies in order to gain an edge over the bookies.

2. What is the safest baseball betting strategy?

There really are no safe betting strategies, as they all include variance to some degree even when backing the big favorites.
The way to achieve a safe betting strategy is through proper bankroll management to ensure that even when you do go on a poor run of form your bankroll is not wiped out in the process.

3. Where can I bet on MLB baseball?

Luckily for us just about every bookmaker in the world accepts bets on the MLB, so it has never been easier to get a bet on your favorite team!

4. When betting on baseball what does action mean?

Action is an important term when you are placing a bet on MLB baseball, as an action bet means that your wager will stand even if the starting pitcher changes with the opposite being true for a non-action bet

What now?

As you can see, baseball betting is filled with plenty of solid strategies to help build your edge, but also comes with plenty of pitfalls which too many novice bettors fall into.

Fortunately, MLB baseball is a very beatable sport which can show long-term profits if the correct strategies are implemented.

Look out for underdogs in divisional games, follow a sound bankroll management strategy, and don’t fall into the many traps like martingale systems or ballpark factors and you will be ahead of 90% of the betting field and be in a prime position to make some serious profit with your baseball bets.

Author: Austin Gonzales